Monday, May 31, 2010

Look at the Signal Pole

Another funny accident occurred near my home. a JCB machine pulled a cable from a pole and then after some time the cable was pulled with a double Decker bus and the signal post just came down.
Mumbai Polics and Mumbai Fire Brigade were very fast to act and they picked the pole from in between the road and put it in the side of the road. The signal guys are working hard on war putting for puting back the signals on place.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

One of the Happiest Men in the world

I was walking on street of our housing complex which is under redevelopement and I came across a parked truck with metal rods in it. A person was sleeping on those rods. It was not atall comfortable bed for him to sleep. But he was sleeping so calmly that he couldn't even get disturbed with the loud noise going on around him on a construction site. He is not rich person.He has day to day problems like we do have.But for me he is the happiest man in the world.Just have a look at how peacefully he is sleeping.

Monday, December 15, 2008

What a balancing

A funny accident occured on a bridge near my home.
Just have a look at the balancing hehehe
No one was seriously injured.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Best SMS I received after Mumbai attackes

I have been very very busy in the work since my last post so couldn't update my blog regularly.But the current situation in Mumbai have made me very upset.Many people have written many things about the attacks so right now I am not going to add to those things.What I want to show here is single sms. Many people sent many sms messages expressing their views and commenting on current situations.I am typing here the one which I liked the most.(This sms have background that the terrorists came by boat from sea)
"Don't worry about those who came from boats.As we saw our security forces can tackle with them.But worry about those who come from votes.Many of them are real enemy of country."

Monday, January 22, 2007

Mosquito Racket

I never believed that such thing will be important gadget for me ever.Yes that thing is electric Mosquito Racket.This is really amazing.Mosquitos have always been harassing me since i was child.They really irritate you when you sleep, and even when you are waking up.Particularly when you sleep, the song which they sing in your ears, never allow you to sleep peacefully.

I have tried many solutions to get rid from trouble of mosquitos.I have tried Mosquito mats which generate some bad odour and makes the room poluted and many times I have found mosquitos sitting on them.Mosquito coils were effective but they were also effective on humans.They generate smoke which really polutes the room and you inhale the smoke which is not good for my health.Mosquito Net is also really a nice option but the process of puting on the net and dismentling it is boaring and if the Mosquito by chance enters the net, even one Mosquito have capacity to harm your sleep.
But this racket is really amazing.It has rechargable cells.Just put the switch on, and lightly touch (even if you hit hard its ok but make sure you don't hit the racket on other hard things and damageit.) the Mosquito with it and thats it you hear a cracking sound and the Mosquito is dead.You can kill bunch of Mosquitos with it easily and it is really result oriented.
I really loved it.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Save Trees

Some part of the residential complex where I live is going to be used for road widening.The compound wall will be demolished and we(residents) will have to surrunder the required area and construct the new compound wall as per the guidelines of the local authority.We don't have any objection about that as we always support the developement.But were many trees near the wall and those were around 40 years of age.Yesterday night suddenly the trees were cut down and now we can see what we have lost by trees.We were really protected by those trees.They gave us lots of shelter , protected us from the dust,gave us lots of fresh air.They also act as our natural fence.But today morning it was really sad to see the empty land.It will take many more years to grow up the new trees to such size.
Developement is really must but at the same time we must think about usefullness of trees.The impact of the tree cutting on the environment also must be studied.New techniques to pull out and rehabilitate the trees must be introduced and used efficiently.
Generally in urban area most of the trees are planted for providing shelter and beautification. Actually these two reasons are sifficient for tree plantation but there are many other benefits which can be divided in following categories Social Benefits,Communal Benefits ,Environmental Benefits and Economic Benefits.
In this modern era,saving trees is really must if we want to survive.Saving trees is saving yourself.